Joshua’s Farewell Speech in Joshua 23

What was the purpose of Joshua’s farewell speech in chapter 23 of the book of Joshua?


In Joshua 23, we see that Joshua gathered all the people together, the entire nation of Israel, because he was very old, or as he said about himself, he was “about to go the way of all the earth,” which means that he was about to die. So, Joshua gathered the people and started to give them his farewell speech, which included important warnings to the people within the context of the covenant… That was Joshua’s goal when he gathered all of Israel. He wanted to remind them that they had to be loyal and obedient and devoted to the Lord within the context of the covenant. They were not to take for granted the victory the Lord had accomplished for them and live as if the Lord’s commands did not exist and worship other gods. That’s why these warnings were so important. Joshua was reminding the people about the covenant the Lord had cut with them.

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