Ezekiel’s Message to Judah

What was Ezekiel’s main message to Judah?


The ministry of the prophet Ezekiel was during the reign of Jehoiachin, king of Judah, between 593 and 573 B.C. The book of Ezekiel is organized chronologically. There is a kind of historical sequence of the events. We see in the first section, from chapter 1–24, Ezekiel prophesying about the Fall of Jerusalem and Judah because of sin, rebellion, and disobedience to the Lord. In the second section, from chapter 25–32, Ezekiel deals with the coming judgment over the nations that participated in the Fall of Jerusalem or that rejoiced over the destruction of Jerusalem. The last section, from 33–48, talks about the hope of restoration, the restoration of the exiled to the Land, and the blessings the Lord promises to give his people — the people of Judah and Jerusalem — after the restoration.


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